Name: side track
Brewery: LHG
Style: grapefruit zest IPA
Abv: 6.5%
Size: 440ml

A zesty and punchy Hazy IPA with Citra Cryo, Chinook, Rakau, Grapefruit zest + juice

ABV 6.5%

We set ourselves a challenge with this one, attempting to achieve flavour characteristics of grapefruit without relying on huge additions of the fruit itself, and looked at all aspects of the process with this in mind.

We went with a combination of a balanced water profile and pilsner in the malt bill to enhance drinkability, and targeted a hop combination that enhances the zesty citrus aromas and punchy flavours found in grapefruit itself.

Vegan friendly 🌱

2.8 units per can - please drink responsibly  

Side track